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Luiz Antonio Gasparetto

Luiz Antonio Gasparetto, arises from an Italian family settled in São-Paulo in Brazil. His parents often frequent a spiritualist center, where the young Luiz shows very early capacities of medium.


In 1962, the young Luiz, who is 13 years, has never taken a single course of painting and is going to execute brilliantly one Manet masterpiece in 3 minutes. While in state of trance he reproduces this picture, he said he communicated with the Manet spirit died a century earlier.


At 20 years old Luiz, « visited » by the biggest painters, has already reproduced 2 400 paintings, quite of a disturbing accuracy and genius.

Picasso, Manet, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Renoir, all the famous painters speak through his body.


" It is not easy to explain, I can hear them and they speak to me, I hear them even better than I could see them. Their voices enter through my thoughts very clearly".


The young man paints on a table, eyes closed without ever seeing the result of his work. He does not choose colors, he spreads them on the canvas with the hand, paints with fingers and signs each of his works as the dead author would make it.


At the end of a painting he begins another one, he realizes in one hour or two what professionals would realize in several hours with open eyes.


But moreover, in a state of trance, he can realize two different paintings at the same time with both hands, or paint back to front, or with his feet without ever looking at what he is drawing.


He was known all over the world in March, 1978, or during a broadcast where he executed 21 master paintings in seventy-five minutes.


In trance, his speed and accuracy of his work amazes, he manages to paint two paintings at the same time and, even more remarkable, back to front.


All the amateurs and the professionals of paintings agree to say that it is extremely difficult, or even impossible, to reproduce the style of 20 different masters in such little time and with so much accuracy. Experts who dealt with his case were unable to differentiate Luiz's signatures with those of the painters whom he represented.


This outstanding painter who was always described as mediocre draftsman and not professional, followed his way by being a psychologist in a private hospital of the suburb of Rio de Janeiro. He never kept any profit from his paintings and resold all of them by auction for redistribution to charity organizations.


Source: Gasparetto le peintre médium (

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