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Valdelice Salum

Stemming from a peasant family of Bahia, in the Northeast of Brazil, the young Valdelice found no nice ear when she told that she saw Spirits. Since eight years old, after she saw her guide for the first time, Valdelice sees the Spirits and communicates with them, in spite of a lot of fear and apprehension.


Her parents appreciated hardly the stories of paintings "falling off the sky". We wanted to persuade the seven-year-old girl that she invented. Herself did not manage to understand having never heard either about medium, or spiritism.


She tells that when she was going to work on fields with her family, she always stayed at the back of the group and looked at the sky to see "falling paintings" … She said then to her sister : « Look, plenty of paintings are falling from the sky… how beautiful they are ! », and her sister answered always to her : « stop saying nonsense, there are no paintings boards, nothing at all, I don’t see anything… ». Only her could see them and she felt very lonely… 

Valdelice Salum

Meeting with Chico Xavier

When she got married, at twenty years old, she moved to Uberaba where her neighbour was one of the most famous medium, Chico Xavier. At that time, NASA engineers (scientists) tried to understand how he proceeded and a lot of people queued night and day at his medium guide’s house, Dr Bezerra de Menezes, hoping to get some news of their dead people and/or medical advice.


Valdelice met one day the great medium, and it is for her a revelation to learn that she possessed a kind of artistic mediumship, called "psycho-pictography". Chico Xavier confirmed her mission: a team of impressionistic painters wished to make a philanthropic work with her which, besides helping materially the disadvantaged population, would educate her by demonstrating that life continues after the physical death, hence the immortality of the soul.


Her apprenticeship was long and laborious. Six mediumistic educational years in a spiritist center under the supervision of Boticelli’s spirit. Asked to prepare her for the work she would have to make with impressionists' team, Boticelli taught her often painful exercises to soften the illiterate hands, so that the spirit painters can express themselves with ease and sign their works of their names. Boticelli has never painted with Valdelice, his role consisting simply in preparing her for the mission.

Spiritist education

The education she received in the Spiritist center, allowed her to channel the energies called by her physical effects mediumship, towards the painting. In fact, she learnt " to live with the Spirits ".


The spiritist doctrine codified by Allan Kardec, at the instigation of Spirits, allowed her to understand Life in a more global way, including the spiritual world, the Spirits and their way of communication with our embodied world.


Valdelice understood that her "plan of life" included a charity mission and the transmission of a very important education, that she was going to carry out together with the group of impressionists which had approached her. She also understood that if these Spirits had an educational divine mission of the Earth population, it was also for them, the opportunity to put into practice the law of charity and love.

It has been now thirty years since she accepted this mission which she carries out every day with happiness and the Love of Others. She does not know how many works she was able to realize in thirty years but, by it is approximately 6000 paintings within the last four years…


During her training, mediums suggested her to take some painting courses in order to make spirits’ work easier. She contacted Chico Xavier who answered : « do you want to be an artist ? »

- No Chico, I am illeterate and to become an artist I must learn many things…

- Don’t worry for that, your hands will execute what spirits say, it is not you who will be painting but the spirits with your hands ! »

Valdelice's mission

For thirty years, Valdelice makes sessions of painting in Brazil, North America or Europe, accompanied by her illustrious team of spiritual artists, which are called Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet, Picasso, Cézanne, Tarsila doh Amaral, Alfred Sysley... Besides transmitting the fact that the Life continues, that we do not die, every event aims at raising funds for charitable works. Valdelice is a Kardecist medium and thus does not benefit from the sale of paintings.


An unchanging rule for Valdelice: after every session of mediumistic paintings, they are sold, not according to the signature, but to the size! Once the supplies are paid off, the profits are divided into two: half for the functioning of the Center which receives her and half for the charitable works to São Paulo. Receiving the pension of her deceased husband, she does not need any more to live.


It is a fact that Valdelice realizes a magnificent work in the favelas of São Paulo, what I was personally able to notice. Every week, Valdelice organizes with the volunteers who work with her, food servings, clothes, covers, in the very poor districts of SP. All the profits realized during the sales of paintings, are reinvested scrupulously in sandwiches, coffee with milk, covers … and then distributed. Made in the evenings, these distributions in the poor districts are really a very rich experience, especially the contact with children which is extraordinary …


Often, when we tell us that the profits of such or such organization will serve to… or to… in fact, generally, we hope that they will really serve to… or to … With Valdelice, it is concrete, there are no "management fees" or other « administration fees" which are going to puncture the main part of the resources … She works only with volunteers, who supply their car to make the tours of distribution, and who count every slice of ham [...]

A mediumnic painting session progress

Systematically, every painting session with Valdelice begins with a long prayer then, she enters in trance. Her body, her face become quite different,  her voice also changes and the work begins.


Not knowing how to paint, the Spirits use her hands dressed with gloves in latex. As shown on photos and videos, she works directly with her fingers, guided by the Spirits; sometimes with her feet.


Generally, she works blindly and the works are painted indifferently forward or backward. Once she has finished painting, she discovers all around the room what she realized. In about 20’ she paints a canvas of 75x100cm.


But I saw her realizing two pastels simultaneously (left hand and right hand) with the Spirit of Monet and Renoir in also about twenty minutes …

Normally, it has been proved scientifically, that the human brain can work only on a single drawing at the same time. The brain having no "capacity" to be divided into halves or to use the left hemisphere for a hand and the right for the other one, to create two different styles. On the other hand, if we admit that the brain is only a tool, like a computer - very powerful - in the service of the Spirit, we can perfectly conceive that this "tool" can be "lent" for a moment to one or two Spirits out of our being.


At the beginning of her works with her impressionist's team, Valdelice, perceived different energies when a spirit left his place to another one. Then, the group harmonized and she did not feel it again. On the other hand, some people prefer to work with such or such type of music, they let her know when it is necessary to change. For example, Toulouse Lautrec likes the accordion and the "blare" of the popular dance!


Another consequence of a mediumistic painting session is the therapeutic care brought to the spectators, either directly, or through paintings.

Mediumship and... madness !

Valdelice will always feel indebted to Chico Xavier for his help, his advice, his teachings, because without him she would never have reached to this point and would most probably have ended her days in a lunatic asylum. Because, if a very developed mediumship is not channelled, it can really destabilize an individual and make him reduced to a vegetative state as he will have to take medicine.


She says: " that is what arrives in lunatic asylums, if there is a madman among hundred patients it would surprise me a lot because you see, most are unbalanced mediums. They have never accepted their mediumship, or the work and the study of the spiritist doctrine and they become spiritually perturbed and took care of their obsessers and their infirmities, when they could work at the service of love and charity. "

Questions-Answers to Valdelice

Q.: " You see sometimes paintings before painting them or, do you attend their composition? "


R.: " It is a very interesting question, because they sometimes bring the models of paintings - ready-made, and they execute the works with what they draw from Earth. Other times, according to the public, they change their strategy to convince better. For example, they demonstrate that oil does not mix, we apply successive coats, one over the other, to prove the immortality of the soul. And when the atmosphere is convenient, when the harmony reigns and when people raise their thoughts towards God and our master Jésus, they approach in such a way that I lose the notion of time. They connect me on the work we have to execute by projecting it on a mental screen and it is through this mental screen that they manage to paint. And sometimes, they paint people among the public in historic costume. It is easy to recognize people, the difference being the hats and dresses from another time.


Valdelice Salum, accompanied with her faithful assistant: her daughter Suely in a mediumistic painting session in her workshop.


Q.: " Does a mediumnistic painting session take a lot of energy? "


R.: " Yes, but they replace me the energy as one goes along and, after a few hours I feel no more tiredness. Sometimes, it is during the closing prayer that they restore the energies ".


I personally saw her, one day - 3 years ago, she was then 67 years old, painting ceaselessly during seven hours, without even leaving one minute her table … When she had finished, we asked her if she was not tired, she answered: " oh! For me, it represents only a small hour, I was in another vibration ".


Q.: " when will you stop painting? ".


R.: " when they will feel I have no more enough strength".

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